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Wanted – Patrick, Jono & Marsela

Wanted – Patrick, Jono & Marsela – Live @97Notes – 9th February 2024 – 21:00

🎉Carnival Extravaganza at 97notes: The Criminal Beats Edition!🎉

Get ready for an unforgettable night of music, mischief, and mayhem as we introduce you to the notorious trio of DJs who will be headlining the Carnival Party on the 9th February at 97Notes , Valletta. The theme? Criminals and Prison! Meet the wanted culprits who will be spinning the wheels of steel and unleashing a musical rebellion like never before.

🕵️‍♂️Patman – The Smooth Operator

Known for his slick moves on the decks, DJ Patman is a mastermind behind the turntables. His smooth transitions and killer beats will make you forget you’re dancing on the wrong side of the law. With a criminal record of dropping irresistible disco and house grooves, Patman is ready to break the dance floor wide open.

🔒Jono – The Boogie Bandit

Jono is the enigma of the DJ underworld, wanted for stealing hearts with his infectious disco tunes. With a rap sheet that includes breaking into the deepest rhythms and beats, Jono is a musical outlaw who will take you on a sonic journey through the house scene. Get ready to surrender to the infectious vibes as DJ Jono unleashes his beats of liberation.

🪐Marsela – The Global Outlaw

Hailing from the far reaches of the electronic universe, Marsela is the intergalactic outlaw wanted for smuggling beats across borders. Infamous for her world music escapades, she’ll be dropping beats from every corner of the globe. Brace yourself for an eclectic fusion of sounds that will transport you to different realms, proving that music knows no boundaries.

Criminal Carnival in Valletta – The 9th is the Night!

🎊Lock in the date for a night of wild revelry, as Patman, Jono, and Marsela join forces to create an unforgettable carnival experience. Dress as your favorite fugitive or law enforcer and prepare to dance the night away, surrounded by the electrifying beats of these wanted criminals. Valletta won’t know what hit it! 🥳

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